How to write a press release for your estate agency

How to write a press release for your estate agency
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It is important to know how to write a press release for your estate agency, especially as they are handy for helping your business gain more exposure. They are used by many different types of companies – large and small – to communicate with the media and inform people of news, events, updates and product launches.

If your agency is creating a monthly market report, it is worth looking into the idea of releasing one of them as a press release. Running a fully functioning agency is hard work and your hands are often tied up with many other aspects of the business. For this reason, we have put together some tips for writing a successful press release for your local market.

Make your press release newsworthy

The first question you need to ask yourself before writing a press release is: am I saying something interesting? Sometimes it can be hard to step away from your own business and critique whether or not the general public want to hear about what you have to say.

You want to find a subject that is newsworthy and will garner interest from the press and the public. It might be you have conducted a recent study and found that a greater number of young people are buying property in your area than the national average age. This would be newsworthy and positive, showing that, despite many people believing it is hard to get onto the property ladder, there are in fact opportunities in your local area.

Ideally you want to avoid talking too much about your own agency, which is why releasing a press release talking about how many new instructions you have taken on is likely to be a bad move. It might be good news for your agency, but the general public will not be particularly interested in how well you are doing, or are perceived to be doing.

So as a general rule only put the effort into the press releases that will have an impact rather than creating one for the sake of doing a press release.

If you are looking for a topic for you first release, it might that you have some interesting property data that promotes your agency which you think is worth sharing. People interested in the housing market always want to know about any changes taking place within it and tend to favour articles backed up with in-depth statistical information. It would be a good way to alert the locals that your agency is heavily invested in analytics and statistics in regards to the housing market. .

Giving your press release a heading

Now that you have your subject, it is time to think of a headline. Finding the right title for your press release is a lot easier said than done, especially as many journalists receive hundreds of submissions every day. You don’t want yours to get lost in an email inbox!

Before hitting the ‘send’ button, put the words ‘press release’ in the subject heading. Then you need to make sure your actual heading is bold and to the point. Don’t worry about it being too snappy, or catchy; it just needs to clearly explain what the press release is about.

If it is about house prices increasing in the local area, title it “area name house prices increase by xx%”. The heading is to the point and lets the reader know exactly what they will be reading about from the start.

The importance of a strong opening line

The first line is vital to your press release as it will determine whether or not a journalist reads the article in full. If you can’t even get the journalist to read past the first line, there is no chance it will be published, with its journey ending in their inbox.

Your opening sentence only needs to be 15-20 words and should read like the opening line to an important news story. Think of the who, what, when, where, why and how. If you can answer those questions in your opening sentence, you will have a better chance of grabbing, not only the journalist, but your future audiences’ attention.

Stay on point

A press release should not be any longer than an A4 sheet of paper; you don’t want to unnecessarily waffle on. Keep it clear and concise, using subheadings and bullet points to break up the article and make it more appealing to readers.

Modern day audiences have short attention spans; if the content looks too jumbled up together, it is more likely to put them off reading the article. You want your press release to be about four or five short paragraphs split into subheadings with a few bullet points to back up your statement.

The correct use of quotes in your press release

If quotes are used in the correct way in your property market press release they can be a powerful tool to further enhance the validity of your message. They should be used to add extra insight to your topic but should not become the main focus of it. They are also the only part of your press release that will not be edited in any way by the journalist.

Quotes can often be misused, providing information rather than comment to back up what the release is about. Use quotes from people within your company – senior people whose opinions add weight to the piece.

Company information

While you don’t want to advertise your company during the actual copy of your press release, there is usually a small section at the end for your to include important company details.
Leave a contact name, web address, email address and a phone number so people can easily get in touch with you.

Final press release details

Think about where your press release is going to be seen. That way you can tweak certain elements of it to target the right audiences. There are different types of publications, online and offline, that you may be targeting and it might be necessary to make slight changes so it works for each one that you choose.

It is also important to understand that journalists are inundated with press releases from all sorts of companies. If you don’t hear back straight away, be prepared to be patient. If you are still not getting a reply, you may have to send it out a few times before someone takes notice.

Once you have taken into account all these points, you are well on your way to crafting an engaging press release that will gain you more exposure and enhance the stature of your estate agency.

Keep an eye out on our blog for an upcoming article on how to distribute your press release for your estate agency.

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