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Steve TraskBy Steve Trask in Marketing

We have come to know that there are several missed opportunities that some estate agents don’t use when trying to get more instructions. Some may not be the quickest way to get new instructions but the long game could well be the most important one to master.

The deal is done, now onto the next one

When you complete a sale or win an instruction confidence is high, you have another property on the books or you made someone’s home purchase happen. You shouldn’t just leave it there and move onto the next lead. This is a great time to generate additional engagement with your business.

Share and share alike

Ask the client to share their property details, or their moving status on social media and make sure to share with your social networks as well. Yes this does sound odd but it is the start of a new chapter, buying a home or being ready to sell one so clients are the most likely to let their social circles know. What this does is it allows your name to permeate with their social circles and connect it with a success story, the house being sold or going on the market – obviously only apply this method if the circumstances are right.

Recommend a friend

At the same point you could also have an offer which would make them promote your business after they have given you their instruction – crazy right?! The offer is of a discount on your fees as a set figure or percentage if they recommend your services which ends up in another instruction or sale again with the same discount applied to their friend. Even if the client does not find someone who is able to take them up on this offer they may still spread the message of having had a good experience with your agency within their social circles.

Stay in touch with clients when there is no obvious reason to stay in touch

Estate agents normally have large email databases, it is not hard to collect emails and they are often disregarded as simply for sending property details to. What a waste? If you can find a relevant (from their perspective) reason to stay in touch then for the cost of an email it really should be a no-brainer.

To maintain a stay in touch policy you should provide one piece of communication per month as a minimum moving forward. This is enough to still keep the relationship alive but low enough so it’s not a burden on budgets or time. By providing local property market data and insights you are doing several things:

This is highly relevant, former clients who might be out of the market do not want to know the 10 top tips to selling their home, or won’t be interested in another email about what services you offer, it’s not relevant. What they really want to know is, how much is my home worth? How is my area performing relative to other areas and the country.

This also helps position you as the local property market expert by providing the data consistently every month shows you know what is going on all the time. So when they are looking for someone who knows about the property market, they come to you.

Once you have the your stay in touch relationship you can also feed other information down those channels, this may include things that give the relationship more importance.

Re valuations

You sold a property to a family 3 years ago, do you think they would be interested in having their property revalued? Potentially they could, this could be for remortgaging or just to inform themselves of where their property sits in the market for a potential future move.

Advice on home improvements

One of the deciding factors for anyone considering modifying their home is the impact it has on the price, sometimes it’s necessary to get an opinion on what is the best thing to do. Will it add value or just maintain the cost that it takes for you to do the work? Advertising this advice service would get your foot in the door in future requirements and help you build on your relationships.

Remember it is not about your services

This is key for the stay in touch policy to work the main message and communications can not be about your services. People know what you have to offer they are interested in what value you can provide them, insights, valuations, news, prizes and competitions among others.

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