How to improve your estate agents newspaper adverts

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We touched on newspaper advertising in a recent article about making your estate agent advertising more efficient. It proved very popular so we thought we would taking a deeper look into how we can improve the efficiency of newspaper advertising for estate agents even further.

Are newspaper adverts for estate agents too similar?

Every week I receive a free local newspaper and scan the property pages, not that I am looking to move but I am always curious to what is out there and for what price. The problem is all the estate agents do the same thing the majority of the time they take out a single or double page and fill it full of boxes with property images and details in – is this really a good use of the space?

Here is an example randomly picked from the newspaper –

Estate agent newspaper advert

Generally it’s very good, the design is well balanced and it has reproduced in the paper really well. The question is – can we rethink the structure to get the most out of the cost of the newspaper space?

Show less but get more

How you can improve on this standard format, which most if not all estate agents currently use, is we can divide the space into areas to achieve different goals.

Call to action sections

This holds the information people need to take the next step and give you a call, visit your website or visit your agency. This is the most important part of the advert as if these details don’t reproduce well you will be relying on them finding it out from another source e.g Google, which takes extra effort.

Property section

We still want to display properties as this is what people are mainly interested in, even if they are not in the buying phase of the customer journey. Make sure the photos are up to scratch as that is what shows the property off at it’s best and reflects on the quality of your brand.

Promo call to action

If we add some smaller secondary informative call to action sections this gives us the opportunity to give the reader more reasons to engage with your brand.

This is what it could look like –

improved newspaper advert

Capturing the customer

So we have now got the space to added some extra information in but what should go there? You could just make your logos bigger and add some social icons but who actually needs that?!

You need to think about where the advert is being placed and the type of end readers, for this paper it is free so it is going to be mainly people who are not fully invested but just browse the paper. There will be a few people looking at potential property to buy and are potentially ready to sell but this is not the main resource for research for them.

So with the main proportion being people just browsing, it would be best to take a content marketing approach rather than a direct response approach. So for an example we could use –

estate agent newspaper promotion

This way you are capturing people who are just interested, not currently selling or looking to buy but interested in the local property market. Capturing customers like this by getting them on an email database is a fantastic long term strategy, imagine having all the emails for people in your patch and being able to contact them with a personal message – would you do a newspaper advert again if you did?

Gone are the days where it is all about just getting the people who are just in the buying phase, you need to just have communication with the wider market as they will be in the buying phase at some point. If you are not doing this just think of your competitors who are, you will not be on the top of their agent list when they are ready sell their property.

Take the newspaper advert to the next level

If capturing more website traffic and contact emails from newspaper advertising is more of a priority you could adjust the advert even further, take a look at the evolution of the advert below –

Take the newspaper advert to the next level

If you actually count the property spaces from the original version to the last we have actually increased the amount of properties displayed although decreased the space available for them. You could reduce the amount to display some at a larger size but it does show there is a way to display just as much and get much more use out of the space available.

With the final structures there is plenty of room to even experiment in a few more ways, you could use it to:

Get the most for your agency from your newspaper advertising

Next time you do some newspaper advertising make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from it, don’t feel you have to stick with the same structure as everyone else. You have seen that you can do plenty more with your agencies newspaper advertising to get the most out of the expensive media space. Look at your adverts as a communication to the masses and the biggest part of that is the ‘just interested’ group, so start capturing their details today.

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