How to distribute a press release for your estate agency

How to distribute a press release for your estate agency
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An estate agents job is to win as many instructions as possible while turning those instructions over at a considerable pace. How they do that will vary from agent to agent, but one of the most effective – and cost friendly – methods is by sending out a press release. Which is why this article is about how to distribute a press release for your estate agency.

We recently wrote a piece about the importance of writing a press release for your estate agency. One of the main questions that arose from that was: what is the best way to distribute the press release once it has been written for my estate agency?

With that in mind, we have come up with a few suggestions on the best way to make sure your press release gets noticed and is seen by the right people. We will also look at the benefits of using paid agencies to do the work for you.

Online press release distribution

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can access information at a much faster rate than we were ever able to before. There is an online platform for practically every form of business, with estate agencies in particular benefiting from having an online presence.

Press releases, too, have moved into the digital format – and thanks to websites like HARO (Hire a reporter out) you can now alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with sourcing journalists when publishing your press release.

HARO gives you access to over 35,000 contacts and is just one of the many online outlets that lets you pitch your content to a database of journalists. Once they have seen the pitch, the interested parties will vye for your content, leaving it to up to you to decide which one you choose.

Online press release distribution websites

Haro isn’t the only online press release site, though. Below we have listed some of the others:

Just remember that you don’t need to submit to all of these site in order to maximise the effectiveness of your press release; trying to send something to every one would be a poor use of your time. The focus of a press release should be to craft a well-written piece that is newsworthy, contains important information and is correctly targeted at and distributed through a few select sites. Find the right site for your release.

Find the right audience to help distribute a press release for your estate agency

There is no point spending valuable time curating interesting content to share only to find that the the wrong people, or worse still, nobody sees it. It is important to make sure that the channels you use have a good reach.

If you already have a database of known journalists in your local area, make sure that the paper or magazine they work for is distributed into good areas of your local market and that the right audience will read them.

Do some research before deciding on which journalists to send to; make sure that they fit your criteria the same way they will vett you to see if your content is good enough for them. It is not dissimilar to a job interview; both sides need to be happy with each other.

Friends, everybody needs them

While digital press releases are online-only, you can’t ignore the power of offline distribution in your local area when looking at how to distribute a press release for your estate agency – especially if you are targeting the right area and people. After all, your area is where most of your clients and potential clients are going to be based. You will already have a strong idea of who the good local press are and what publications are popular even if you don’t have local contacts.

If you haven’t already, try building good relationships with local press, whether that’s by connecting on LinkedIn, getting involved with social groups online, or if your town is relatively small, making direct contact with local press and arranging a meeting.

Not only will better relationships help the process of distributing your press release run more smoothly, but when they need a comment on a subject relevant to the local market, they are likely to come to you for insight. This will help build your reputation as a thought leader in your area.

National press

You may feel that the content in your press release is newsworthy on a national level. We only advise this route if you really feel that you have unearthed information that will be met with nationwide interest. Otherwise it is best to keep your release local or regional as that is where the majority of your target audience will be based.

While exposure on a greater level will bring your agency into larger focus, first concentrate on nailing down your brand in your local market. Then if you feel like taking it national, shape the research into the type of content that is perfect for the national property market and to be promoting your brand. After that, it is about getting in touch with major news outlets and sending over your release, sometimes for national coverage the best way on how to distribute a press release for your estate agency is to use a well connected consultant.

Paid for agencies or PR consultants

There will be a point when you have to decide whether or not you want to hire a PR agency to push your content for you. There is only so much that you can do yourself, and a PR agency can make sure they use their contacts to get the release into the right press, with the right audience seeing it.

Think about your budget and if you are able to set aside a portion of it for a PR agency. Make sure that you screen each potential PR agency thoroughly, being very clear and concise about what you want to achieve. In turn, they will be realistic with you, telling you exactly what they will and will not be able to achieve. Remember, you are not just paying for their know-how and media savviness, you are paying for their contacts.

Test how to distribute a press release for your estate agency

In order to attain the best possible ROI (return on investment), you need to make sure that you have the best possible content and that it is sent to the right audience. Once you have established the content for your press release, start to think about channels you want to send it to and the budget that you want to commit.

You could keep it simple if you are starting out, using a paid online service. If you generate a lot of website traffic and conversions, the next step is to look at expanding with a more complex press release strategy.

If done correctly and distributed to the right people or services, it can be the beginning of your agency becoming a prominent thought leader in the local market. With that comes a certain prestige which places your brand on a certain level, eventually leading to more instructions and a greater brand awareness.

If you are interested in more ways on how to distribute a press release for your estate agency, we can give you some tailored advice to your agency (for free!) just get in touch.

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