Hotspot areas for different nationalities in London – inc map

David ButlerBy David Butler in Analytics

After months of exhaustive research, we at ResiAnalytics have discovered that London is full of people born abroad. Pause for emphasis. Yes indeed, it turns out London is not simply the county town of Middlesex but a global metropolis full of Johnny foreigner. Certainly news to us an we thought we’d better share it with you asap.

So let’s look at how this epic revelation looks on the map. Well starting in prime central London it’s all about the USA, the Middle East and France. Zut alors. When I say USA for example, it means that in this little area that is the most common non-UK place of birth of residents.

Germans really like Richmond. Australians are all about the inner south west. Bangladesh basically owns inner east London. The Polish are massing on the boundary of central London ready to pounce. South East London is a Shamrock Jalfrezi.

In the boring grey areas, it’s basically other countries or regions that don’t have their own special colour. Sadly their are more countries than decipherable colours so we had to cut it off somewhere.

You may have detected this is a slightly tongue in cheek article. If you’re lucky enough to be a buying agent or a relocation agent in London we should be speaking. We make tailored reports in your branding packed with analytics to back up your advice. You’re free to add value where it matter, we’ll handle the grunt work.

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