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Getting as many leads out of your emails is crucial, it’s such an important opportunity to send the right message to your target market. Directly or indirectly you spent a lot of money and effort into getting potential clients email address’ and it is such a waste not to put the same amount of effort into the next stage. This is why optimising your emails is so important, even at a basic level it makes such a difference to the business they generate.

Set goals and rules for your emails

You should always set some goals for a marketing email from your business, these can be really simple but should be measurable wherever possible, some examples are:

Obviously these depend a lot on the size of your email marketing list.

Test, test, test

As per our previous article, it’s important to know where your current emailing stats stand. This will allow you to see which changes lead to a positive outcome.

If you want to keep it simple make one change per email send and see what results it yields some examples could be:

This may take several email sends to validate as you have to be careful not to jump to any conclusions, but over time you will see general increases in performance. Some tests may only yield small results but others may see larger changes. Remember 10 small tweaks that each move the needle by 1% is just as good and probably easier to come by then one big win that achieves the same result.

Giving people the right content

One thing you have to remember is that people are not interested in your services all the time, only a fraction of your marketing list are likely to be in search of their next agent at any given time. Try testing what content you are sending out, does sending properties out work better than sending local property market updates? Does your CRM allow you to segment your mailing list, so you can send different content to Mrs Jones you sold a house to last year and Mr Patel who used your Free Valuation Tool last week? See which kind of content has the best open rate or uplift in clicks to your website.

Remember what email is best used for

To put it simply email is a signpost to content or an action. That is it, you do not want to send all your information in an email as this will not make the user do anything as they have all they need – unless it is a notification. For example if you were to produce three articles which you send to your marketing email list, you would add the key information – Title, brief lead intro copy, ideally an image and a link for each article. You would not add the articles in full to the email, trust me I have seen this!

You could vary the content so rather than sending only articles you could add a few brief points on your services and or properties. This just makes people aware what you do and have to offer, the clicks on these links may be low but they will be extremely high quality.

Retargeting in email via email and other media

Most emailing services will give you the information about these high quality clicks and you can retarget them easily by only sending these people another email. This email maybe more focused on your services and could be a potential marketing offer, this is getting the right message to them at the right time as you know they are interested from the initial click.

Another way to retarget potential clients is by adding your email marketing list to you paid social campaigns such as Facebook. This creates an audience which only displays an advert for your company if their email matches their Facebook account. It gives you another chance to engage with people who are already have an interest in your services and keep you front of mind.

Email is only the start

As you may see email is only part of the digital marketing mix but it is the most cost effective and easiest one to improve. So why not start running some tests on your next email send? Try sending some links to local property market updates and statistics and see the results you get.

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