Getting the most from your monthly property market report

Getting the most from your monthly property market report
David ButlerBy David Butler in Content Promotion

Having monthly property market research that is backed up by key figures and statistics will really help differentiate your agency from local competitors. The potential to increase engagement with clients and expand your reach, whether used online or offline, is huge.

Once you have put all that hard work into producing your research, you are ultimately going to want to use it as a tool to attract more business. If you want it to work that little bit harder for you, and we are sure that you do, here are a few suggestions to make your monthly market research go that all-important step further.

Turn your monthly property market research into a press release

Press releases are a great way of gaining further exposure for your business, no matter what industry you are in. The nature of your market research, loaded with lots of analytical data and information, means they would make excellent press releases.

The first port of call is to get in touch with your local paper and see if they want to include it in their property section. Journalists are often looking for a story to cover, especially local stories, so by getting in touch with them you are potentially saving them a job while enhancing your own agency’s reputation.

It can also be used as a press release for an online property website, or a monthly magazine publication. Find the local magazines and website in your area that are followed by your target market and see if it’s worth contacting them. If they are property related, we are sure they would be interested in including such an in-depth report.

It is advisable to look into how to best format the content for a press release as there are certain standards of information required. Is it for immediate release? If not you will need to add a release date from when it can be published. It is also important to include a location, date and contact information for the person responsible for the release, so people reading it are able to get in touch with them if they want to. You can find more details on how to format a press release here

Think about local press

It is vital to build up a database of contacts who you can keep in touch with. You have probably decided to start including your research in a monthly newsletter, which is great! The next time you send it out, as well as all those email contacts you have generated, include your local papers’ email too.

Sending them your research article is a good way to initiate contact and begin to build a relationship. They may feature the article in their paper, eventually coming to rely on your agency to provide comments about the local market. This kind of exposure would really give you the edge over local competitors – and that excellent, statistically driven market research you provided will be a huge factor behind it.

Tweeting twitterers

Social media cannot be ignored by businesses that want to enhance their brand awareness and online profile. It is an excellent way to build contacts and potentially have your information shared by 1000s of people.

The nature of the research means there is a lot of scope to engage with  Twitter users. The density of the monthly property market research allows them to be broken up and used as snippets to tweet, ideally including a link to the full version. Thanks to all that juicy information you have included, it is likely that you could get at least 20 separate tweets out it.

You can uses services like Bitly and Google Shortner to reduce the lengths of any URLs you want to promote on social media so they fit in with the character count. They also allow you to see which ones get the most clicks so that you can refine and expand the ones getting the most attention. This can be coupled with a really strong social media strategy to use monthly, planning tweets to go out at a certain times per week and maximising engagement.

You can also collate a list on Twitter of local property influencers. If they retweet your messages, it will give you a much wider audience as well as more authority to what you are saying.

Down, down, download

It is a good idea to have a content section on your website with the research and any other property-related news you want to include. If you don’t have one just yet, or find it time consuming, uploading the monthly property market research as a PDF on to the site is an excellent way to make it accessible to people. Google will favour it as inputted text which means it can increase your position in the search engine rankings.

Potential clients will also have access to the reports and be able to download them to read offline. It provides them with the opportunity to upload the PDF and send to friends or colleagues they think would benefit from reading it. The report is marked with your logo, so there is no need to worry about plagiarism as the PDF won’t be editable.

PDFs make it easy for you to export, which is ideal if you need to quickly send it someone or want to print it out to display in your agency window. Perhaps word is starting to spread around town that you are the agency providing these insightful market updates and people begin to contact you for them. Having a PDF means you can send it within seconds. You can even save time and have a preset email template that you send out when someone requests the report, using it to promote other marketing streams in the process.

Show your local property market knowledge

We know that valuations are your moment to shine – a chance for you to really impress the client and win business. You want to give yourself every possibly opportunity to impress, so why not bring the monthly property market research with you?

While most agents spend their time talking about how many instructions they have, making lots of promises in the process, imagine the advantage you could gain by having a monthly property market report filled with important information. We think that will go much further than a branded notepad, and it really shows your customer that you know the market better than anyone else does. That’s what potential homeowners and landlords want to hear: that the person tasked with selling/letting their home knows the market inside out.

With these tips we think you’ll be able to get just that little bit more juice out of your branded reports, continuously helping to enhance your agency’s online and offline profile, creating brand awareness and ultimately gaining more instructions.

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