Estate agents – beat the competition with branding that stands out

Estate agents – beat the competition with branding that stands out
David ButlerBy David Butler in Content Marketing

In England and Wales transaction levels are still only half of what they were in the heady days of 2007. It’s a bit better than half in the South and the Midlands and a bit worse in the North but nowhere has it got anywhere near what it was. Transaction levels are slowly going up, but at current rates it would still take until 2030 to get back to 2007 levels nationwide. In reality it’s unlikely that sales will ever go back to 2007 levels because it was largely driven by unsustainable levels of mortgage lending.

As there are so few potential instructions coming onto the market it is vital that estate agents position themselves correctly to be seen as the best bet when an instruction wanders down the high street.

Sadly the number of competitors has not reduced by the same degree as transactions which mean the vendor has more choice. Estate agents must look for ways to connect with property developers, render themselves irreplaceable and create long lasting relationships which give value to all parties.

By enhancing your estate agent brand you will achieve three important things;


Good brands will communicate the quality of a service and reassure people that they have made the right choice. Communicating the right messages at the right touchpoint along a customer journey is crucial for brand positioning and increasing your mind share.


Great brands use distinctive imagery, design and language to help people identify all the right things with the brand. The style of a brand needs to be consistent but the messages have to be highly valuable to the consumer for real engagement to be achieved.


The best brands attract people and companies who are considering a wide array of options. You want your brand to clearly communicate why you are better than your competitors and make the message stick in their head.

By effectively communicating real differentiation estate agents gain the high ground and tower above their competitors. This advantage will lead to new contracts, more renewals, long lasting relationship with individual vendors and house builders alike and a network of satisfied customers.

If you are looking to get the advantage of analytics in marketing your estate agent brand then get in touch and we can discuss how our services can help your business.

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