Why content marketing is now the standard

Why content marketing is now the standard
Miles RedgraveBy Miles Redgrave in Content Marketing

Content marketing is hugely important to the way your agency operates. To achieve your business goals content marketing is a necessary component, pointing to a progressive future that includes more instructions, clients and conversions.

Yet there are still many agents who are not quite ready to embrace content marketing. The reality is, however, that content marketing is very much the way forward, replacing regular marketing as the standard. If you are still unsure what exactly content marketing is have a read of our previous article.

If you’re still not quite sure, here are some reasons why it is now the go-to method for any business wanting to increase their brand awareness and gain more clients.

Content marketing drives higher conversion rates

Businesses that use content marketing have conversion rates nearly six times higher than competitors who don’t use content marketing. Think about that stat for a minute: six times higher. In an industry of fine margins those kind of numbers cannot be ignored.

We may live in a world where everyone wants everything yesterday, but those who invest their time into the methodology and build trust with their audience will eventually start to see much higher conversions than businesses using traditional marketing methods.

It is cheaper and more effective to use content marketing

When something is relatively new people assume there is a cost involved or the ROI (return of investment) will not be very good. This is not the case with content marketing, as the content is created and distributed by you, meaning your marketing budgets are drastically reduced.

The amount of money that you spend comes down to whether or not you implement PPC campaigns. Even if you decide to go down the PPC route, promoting messages via social media and Google, it is a method that is still considerably cheaper than any other form of marketing.

It helps combat the rise of ad blockers

The facts are there for all to see: in August 2015, 200-million people had installed some form of internet ad blocker. Web users, having finally had enough of generic ad campaigns, chose to combat constant adverts by blocking them out completely.

This is great news for consumers but not so encouraging for online marketers. Content marketing is a way to combat ad blocking software by offering good content through your social channels, emails and blogs. If you can create content that engages with your audience, you won’t have to worry about them ignoring your content as they will look forward to what you have to say.

High quality content encourages higher engagement

An IBM Digital Experience survey from 2015 shows that 56% of marketers believe personalised content stands a better chance of having a higher engagement rate with consumers.

Personalised content helps consumers affiliate themselves with a brand, encouraging them to feel a warmer connection to your business. This will usually result in positive feedback and an overall good user experience for the customer.

More time with the content

No matter how good your estate agency is, in today’s world it is very hard to strike a chord with your audience and keep them interested. However, agencies that produce high-quality content stand a better chance of getting customers to spend longer browsing their website.

It is important to make sure that your content is relevant to the consumers needs, rather than creating something that is purely a sales message. Enhance your brand profile by talking about subjects that matter to them. This is a much smarter way to engage than run-of-the-mill marketing material.

It leads the way

Agencies who become leaders in content marketing stand a much better chance of creating more site growth than their competitors. It i not easy to pinpoint high-quality content that will get at the heart of your readers, but once you have found something that connects, you will be well on your way to becoming an agency known for its informative content.

You only need to look at the big brands for proof. Knight Frank, Foxtons and CBRE all value in-depth content. As a result, they see higher traffic flows through their websites. We aren’t suggesting you need to reach their levels – they spend resources on having large teams to do the content – but by focusing locally, you can become your area’s version of Knight Frank or Savills.

Email marketing is the most effective form of content marketing

An email’s ability to target different customers means it is a proficient and inexpensive way to gain more sign-ups while keeping current clients engaged. The ability to personalise the content also helps to generate interest.

According to Campaign Monitor, every £0.80p spent on an email campaign gives back £31 in ROI. Those numbers really are quite staggering and highlight the importance of content marketing.

The future is now, don’t get stuck in the past

By now we really hope that you have embraced content marketing – or are planning to do so – realising just how important it is to the future success of your agency. It may not seem obvious at first, but a high-quality content marketing campaign can result in a bigger and better brand, more clients and more instructions.

If you want to know more on content marketing, check out why estate agents should try it or have a gander through how to start content marketing.

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