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Steve TraskBy Steve Trask in Marketing

When you get visitors to your website it’s probably taken a lot of effort and expense to get them there, a press advert along with some direct mail, the board from the instruction you just won or the online advertising paid or otherwise you’ve invested your time and effort into. So when you get visitors to your website you want to make the most out of them, one way to do that is to use a landing page to aid in converting them into an actual lead.

What exactly is a landing page?

In simple terms it’s a specific page built for specific visitors to land on to increase the chance of converting. You may call a normal website page a landing page but normal website pages are meant to be part of a journey across multiple pages to conversion rather than a single page. Mostly it refers to pages built specifically for converting traffic, this is done by tailoring the content to the traffic that is sent there. Sometimes you can only get to a landing page by coming from a specific place and the page is not linked to from the rest of the website. This might seem odd but there are good reasons, one being being able to measure the ROI and conversions of specific campaigns accurately.

Relevance is key to make a connection

These pages are the norm for online agents as that is their speciality and a key battleground for national agencies, so if you search ‘estate agent in [location]’ you will see the normal pay per click adverts at the top of Google. These sometimes lead you onto bespoke landing pages based on the [location] from within your search term – for example I used Taunton.

When clicking on one of these links the page was headed with Taunton Estate Agents, a photo of the team along with ‘social proof’ in the form of trusted reviews from people who sold property in Taunton. It also has the office location and local telephone number. This provides a connection to the user with content that’s relevant to them, although they probably have a page for every town in the UK it makes it feel localised.

Content that converts

A landing page can have different forms of content from a long article to short points on why you are the best choice to provide the service they are searching for. These points range from features to benefits and customer testimonials are often used as well. You can also use video which is a highly engaging media but be aware a lot of users may view videos without sound especially on facebook adverts.

Downloadable, or gated, content is a great way to entice a visitor to part with some information (contact info, position, mortgage requirements etc) but the information on offer needs to be of high value for people to give them your contact details to receive it. Content needs to be highly informative and not just an opinion, some examples are ‘50 tips on selling your home quickly’ or ‘An in depth look at the Taunton property market’. These can be in the form of Ebooks, newsletters or just fact sheets.

Conversion triggers a plenty

On landing pages you can use a lot of triggers to help the user edge towards handing over their contact details or contacting you directly. For example saying – ‘While stocks last’ makes you feel you need to do something while there is still a chance to get one. This also can be what you use as your button text, see the difference between – ‘Property valuation’ and ‘Get a free instant property valuation now’ it adds more to the action and prompts you to do it now.

Other subtle elements that aid in conversions on landing pages are making the buttons obvious, subtle arrows pointing to an action and micro copy.

Test and evolve your landing pages

The main objective of a landing page is to get the visitors details and this makes it easier to measure the success of the landing page. You can easily review how your landing page is performing by measuring the conversion rate – the percentage of people who converted on that page.

Average conversion rates for landing pages are 2.3% although at the higher end the conversion rate is nearer a whopping 12%! So every 100 visitors you send to that page you will get the details of 12 people, that sounds worthwhile.

If your landing page’s conversion rate isn’t where you’d like it to be you need to experiment with different copy, layouts and CTA’s to evolve the page using data driven results, test and measure, test and measure. You should also be wary of making sure the content on page matches the expectations of the traffic you’re directing to it.

Get going on your landing pages

If you are still reading this great but you need to get going on making a landing page for your estate agency if you have not got one already. If you’re wondering what you can offer on a landing page in exchange for people’s contact details why not check out some local property market research.

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