Automating social media for estate agents

Steve TraskBy Steve Trask in Marketing

Let’s face it social media is an essential element of marketing but who has the time to sit and post tweets, updates, and snapchats all day long?

If you added up all the time you need to manage social media channel manually the return is not worth it, you could get a company to do it for you but essentially most of these services are just automating it for you.

There are different levels of automation you can do, you may feel that you have no time and just want to have something going out on social media rather than nothing at all. Another option is semi automation, you have the core automated messages and then top those up with manual ones to give it a more natural feel. The right level for your business is depicted by the cost (time + services) you want to spend on social and results you are getting, essentially the ROI.

Fully automated social media services

Social Jukebox
Social Media Jukebox automation

This stores your posts in ‘Jukeboxes’ then cycles over the jukebox at a pre defined frequency and then starts over again, so you never have to re upload anything!

You can even get started on this service for free, the free services allows 300 stored posts (e.g tweets) but only allows you to link it to one social media account. So you can have around 10 tweets going out automatically per day without any effort apart from the initial upload.

The service gets even better when you onto a advanced plan which if you purchase on a 12 month period you can get for $16.65 a month. This allows you to link 3 social accounts, these could be Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and allows up to 5000 stored posts. The advanced plan also allows you to automate a thank you messages for people who start following you. social media automation

This is simple service which sends out posts on the main social media channels that come from an RSS feed. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a XML-based format for your content. Most blogging platforms, for example, will have an RSS feed built in. Whenever websites start publishing posts, the latest posts will be updated in the RSS feed as well.

What this allows us to do is automatically link the content of a website or service to automatically publish on your social media – which is awesome!

You can add options to add hashtags and a variety of frequency settings, the options differ to which plan you want but again there is a simple free plan to get you started.

Some examples of how you may use it is:

Meet Edgar social media automation tool for estate agents

This is a slightly more enterprise version of social media jukebox, it is actually quite difficult to find information about the service as they want your email address as part of a onboarding trial process. You can find the pricing information here but looks to be about $80 per month, with an option to save if you pay yearly.

IFTTT automation service

Roll with your own tool using the ‘If this then that’ website service. This allows you to link up several services and connectors to automatically post to your social media and make other automated ‘recipes’. We would only advise this if you are slightly technically minded and have the time to do it.

The benefits of building your own system is that it fits your needs perfectly but to get started quickly use a pre built service so you can get those messages out and build it up from there.

Semi automated social media services

These services still require some manual input but with that time you can be more targeted and integrate current campaigns easily.

HootsuiteHootsuite social media management tool

This allows you to manage all your social media in one place, no more logging in in several websites. Their product range has grown over the last few years and they also offer a free plan to get you started.

Buffer social media management platform

Buffer is a well known social media scheduler so you upload your content in one place and have it planned to go out over a set period of time. It offers extra features above the free plan such as RSS integration.

Other services worth a mention

Socialoomph social media tool

Sproutsocial tool

Socialflow social media

Start automating social media for your estate agency

As you can see there are lots of different options out there, some relatively inexpensive and some with a large monthly cost. The best advice is if you are starting out automating your social media is to keep it simple and build it gradually, try automating a few posts a day at first rather than replacing what you do now. Social media jukebox is a good place to get started, you will be surprised how easy it is to do and the amount of time you save.

One of the main issues with social media is normally there is limited content to share, so why not have a look at some of the data points we provide to save you even more time on your marketing.

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