5 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Promoted

Steve TraskBy Steve Trask in Content Promotion

If you are thinking you need to push your agency out there a bit more and get noticed by more homeowners this is the article for you. So you have some great content and want to make some noise let’s get onto the list.

1. Send a broadcast email

Let’s start simply, send a teaser of the content along with an image and a captivating heading, obviously linking in an enticing call to action. You need to send this to every contact you can get your hands on, your email database, your personal contacts.

According to Campaign Monitor, you’re six times more likely to get a click from an email than a tweet. With a bit of encouragement the email recipients might even share it on their social media as well.

Five to seven days after you send the first broadcast email, check your analytics to see who didn’t open it. Send the broadcast email again with a different subject line to the segment who did not open the initial email. You will be surprised at how many clicks you are missing by only sending the email once. All marketing is about timing as there is so much noise in advertising people miss things easily.

2. Engage the online community

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are great opportunities to dig deeper into a social platform and target a niche audience. Join groups where your content is relevant, join the conversation, and suggest your content naturally rather than just posting it straight away. You can also join and contribute to specific boards on Pinterest, it maybe off topic but you are getting your name in front of local residents which is key.

There are plenty of other platforms where you can discuss topics related to your niche. Join Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, and you can suggest your content as a resource to answer people’s questions. Just make sure you actually engage in discussions on the platform so it’s not all about promoting your services.

All these do take an investment of time but everytime you post, respond or create a profile you are increasing your brand’s reach and building up a larger digital footprint for your company which all helps drive more traffic to your website, think of it as a holistic benefit.

3. Pay to promote

This is a simple pay off, money for people to see your content, which we have previously covered with the benefits of social advertising for estate agents.

This is one of the easiest options but there are several platforms to choose from, such as facebook, or the more professional targeted Linkedin. This is where you can tailor your content slightly, the more lifestyle orientated pieces (think top 10 kitchens of 2017) and the general property market news and analysis can go on most mainstream channels but you can also position research as being landlord/investor focused for Linkedin.

4. Connect with others

Now is the time to roll out the little black book of contacts, if your black book is a bit light your can just get on the phone to your local newspaper and offer the content for distribution as an op-ed perhaps. Obviously the content cannot be too salesy and must be highly interesting to the people in the local area.

If you are looking for online options for a press release you can use services like Presswire which will distribute your press release related to your content online for a fee.

5. Send it out in your local area

We started with a simple solution and we end with one as well, if you get your content printed you can find people to distribute it throughout the local community either with inserts in your local paper or on its own. The costs do start mounting after doing this for a long time but there’s a reason so many agents send so many leaflets, now imagine sending something that’s informative and interesting through the door and think of what that could do for the engagement and retention rate. If the cost of the blanket approach is prohibitive you could get more tailored with direct mail, either just targeting past valuations or even using services like Spectre to target properties on the market with your competitors at key moments.

Remember to leave batches in places where people are waiting, hairdressers, doctors, and transport hubs are good places to start.

Which is the best way to promote your content

In short there isn’t one, there are lots of different ways to promote your content but these some of the most popular and broadly effective. It really is a mix of tactics and experimentation that gets the best results rather than any one method alone. I think you cannot disregard online as the costs are so low and that is where market share is growing hugely, but for impact it’s tough to beat the tangible in the offline world.

Whichever channels you use to promote your content the key to it all is highly engaging informative content that relevant at a local level.

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